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Free support or Paid support

What’s the difference between “free support” and “paid support”?
Many of our customers are asking this question to us.

Free support is included in the price of our module while paid support is an option that our customers decide to take when buying the module (or later on).

The main difference is:
– with paid support, we can access to your files and provide appropriate solution within few days (usually 2 or 3 working days)
– with free support, we give directions to the clients but we will not access to your files. All technical investigations and appropriate tests must be done by the client.

So why not including paid support in all our modules? Simply because most of our clients don’t need it and therefore, the price of our modules are lower (less human resources necessary).

J2T is on Facebook & Google+

We are proud to announce that J2t is on Facebook and Google+ now!

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Carbon copy of our Points and Rewards module sold by another company

With this blog post, we wanted to inform our customer that a company has decided to sell our module under their brand without our authorization. This company is called Indies Services.

They have been informed many times about the fact that we don’t want the module sold under their name, but as they decided to continue to advertise and sell the module, they didn’t leave us any other choice than posting this message on our blog.

Be aware that the version they are selling (called Magento Reward Points) contains many bugs and most importantly, is more expensive. Why choose a copy when you can get the original for cheaper! 😉