New version (v1.7.0) of J2T Points & Rewards is now available!

New version of J2T Points & Rewards module is now available.

With this version, you can now:

  1. use different valid statuses for point usage and point gathering.
  2. add custom point values (usage and gathering) through configuration area.
  3. collect points for more than one valid referred friend order
  4. send point status notification emails to your customers
  5. see point dashboard on Magento dashboard page.
  6. show point usage/gathering on invoices, admin orders areas, etc.

Improvement has also been made regarding referral program. When your friend doesn’t place an order but only registers, referral entry in added to database.

Points’ validity duration code has been reviewed and improved.

Overal module speed and performance improved.

For more details about the module, check the product page.

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