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Important email server issue!

Between Apr 15, 2016 and Apr 21, 2016, we experienced major issue with our server and specially with email processing. More »

Easy steps – install Magento® 2 Beta version

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J2T Product Ordered Review

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Free support or Paid support

What’s the difference between “free support” and “paid support”?
Many of our customers are asking this question to us.

Free support is included in the price of our module while paid support is an option that our customers decide to take when buying the module (or later on).

The main difference is:
– with paid support, we can access to your files and provide appropriate solution within few days (usually 2 or 3 working days)
– with free support, we give directions to the clients but we will not access to your files. All technical investigations and appropriate tests must be done by the client.

So why not including paid support in all our modules? Simply because most of our clients don’t need it and therefore, the price of our modules are lower (less human resources necessary).

J2T is on Facebook & Google+

We are proud to announce that J2t is on Facebook and Google+ now!

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If you want to be informed about new modules and get special offers, only accessible through above networks, don’t forget to follow us!

Carbon copy of our Points and Rewards module sold by another company

With this blog post, we wanted to inform our customer that a company has decided to sell our module under their brand without our authorization. This company is called Indies Services.

They have been informed many times about the fact that we don’t want the module sold under their name, but as they decided to continue to advertise and sell the module, they didn’t leave us any other choice than posting this message on our blog.

Be aware that the version they are selling (called Magento Reward Points) contains many bugs and most importantly, is more expensive. Why choose a copy when you can get the original for cheaper! 😉

Skrill (Moneybookers), ultimate merchant tool for Magento®?

Edit 2 – 18 days later, new Skrill account is available for our customers. We’ve decided to try it again…

Edit – We’ve received a call from Skrill today stating that they agree to change the reserve on our previous account, according to what is was before. This means that now the reserve is not 100% of the fund over 6 month time but 5% of each payment made over this period of time… this is more understandable.

As you’ve noticed, we used Skrill (Moneybookers) since the begining of our activity. We decided to do so, because it covered more countries than PayPal at the time.

We had to remove it from our payment methods, because we lately changed our company status and Skrill decided to close our account without notice, because they thought that our company were in a process of liquidation. This wasn’t the case…

Fair enough, so we decided to collect back the funds on Skrill, but how surprised we were when we’ve noticed that they add a 6 month 100% reserve duration on it. After having contacted them, they asked us to open a new account, with 5% 6 month reserve on each of our payment. This is not bad, but they explained to us that the fund on our previous account will still be kept blocked. Quite hard to understand, specially when we know that the problem is theirs and we have a great payment history with them, without any payment problems. Many years with them and no rewards, quite hard to take.

Would it be fair for a Magento® (and any other engines) store owner to have such type of action be taken on their account? As we know that most of our clients have low turnover when they begin their business, how on earth can they handle this? For this reason, we would not recommend Skrull usage at all for the moment. We are still discussing with Skrill team, so depending on the solution provided to us, our opinion might change in the future, but for now, we’ll deeply not advise you to use this payment method.

A wonderful client!

Thanks for this cake Wybo!

This is really nice present from a friendly client!

We really want your business to be successful  and we hope that our modules will help you towards this! We’ll always be there to help you to reach this goal!

J2T’s Team

J2T Points & Rewards v1.6.x and add on modules

J2T Points & Rewards versions’ 1.6.x are introducing major improvements such as:

  • point usage within admin orders
  • point usage restrictions
  • point recalculation when orders are modified

And this version is fully compatible with the following extra linked module:

J2T Coupon Birthday is out!

New module is available today!

If you want to prize your customers and give them discount for their birthday, then this module is perfect for you!

It will automatically send an email when on the birthday of your customers, with included coupon code.

The module is really easy to setup and default magento promotion rules are used.

J2T Points & Rewards v1.5.12 VA

J2T Points & Rewards v1.5.12 VA is available!!!

This is not only a new version! We modified the module in order to optimize the module!

Many improvements have been done in the past regarding points calculation with introduction of turbo mode. With this version, the module is using a new way to process point usage and with this version, you will have a lot less conflict problems with other module that would modify cart behaviours!

Don’t hesitate to check the module specificities on

J2T Ajax cart v.0.7.0 is out!

We are proud to annonce that J2T Ajax cart v.0.7.0 is available!

In this new version, you will be able to choose which products have to be shown as associated products in the ajax box:

  • up-sells products
  • cross-sells products
  • related products

You may also like the new squared theme available

Possible issues when installing J2t Reward Points

When installing Reward points loyalty system extension, sometimes you can face some issues. The main issue that you can have are:

  1. user account redirection from secure to non secure url (from 1.4.2, you are not having this issue anymore)
  2. problem when creating table, when installing the module
  3. conflict with other modules (not likely)

All these problems can be solved quite easily. Here are how to fix those issues:

  1. to fix secure url redirection in user account, please add in app/code/community/Rewardpoints/etc/config.xml (between frontend tags), the following entry: <secure_url><rewardpoints_index>rewardpoints/index</rewardpoints_index></secure_url>
  2. if you have problem to create tables of the modules, you need to make sure that your mysql user has permission to access COLUMS mysql tables. If you have sql issues, please contact us and we will provide full direction to you
  3. conlicts could arise if you are using other modules dealing with coupon codes and promotion system. Those issues can be fixed quite easily, but you need to be able to find the classes that are overloaded in both modules,  deactivate the overload process from the other module and extands Rewardpoints concerned class to the other module class. Fortunately, you don’t usually have this issue, but if it’s the case, please note that you can request help from us by taking the technical support option. This will allow our team to check the module against your server and we will provide to you a customized version that you will simply need to upload to your server.

We hope that this will help you all!