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Possible issues when installing J2t Reward Points

When installing Reward points loyalty system extension, sometimes you can face some issues. The main issue that you can have are:

  1. user account redirection from secure to non secure url (from 1.4.2, you are not having this issue anymore)
  2. problem when creating table, when installing the module
  3. conflict with other modules (not likely)

All these problems can be solved quite easily. Here are how to fix those issues:

  1. to fix secure url redirection in user account, please add in app/code/community/Rewardpoints/etc/config.xml (between frontend tags), the following entry: <secure_url><rewardpoints_index>rewardpoints/index</rewardpoints_index></secure_url>
  2. if you have problem to create tables of the modules, you need to make sure that your mysql user has permission to access COLUMS mysql tables. If you have sql issues, please contact us and we will provide full direction to you
  3. conlicts could arise if you are using other modules dealing with coupon codes and promotion system. Those issues can be fixed quite easily, but you need to be able to find the classes that are overloaded in both modules, ┬ádeactivate the overload process from the other module and extands Rewardpoints concerned class to the other module class. Fortunately, you don’t usually have this issue, but if it’s the case, please note that you can request help from us by taking the technical support option. This will allow our team to check the module against your server and we will provide to you a customized version that you will simply need to upload to your server.

We hope that this will help you all!